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What does a Well Inspection Entail?

Professional Water & Well Inspections & what’s involved

When you’re in the process of buying a new home, having your water tested is essential. While public water systems are mandated to test and treat their water, these tests only cover the water that has yet to leave the treatment plant. Once it leaves the plant, your water must pass through miles of piping, some of which may be in disrepair or contain lead, before it enters your home’s plumbing system.

Pine Breeze Inspections is equipped to ensure the water in your home is high-quality and safe to consume. Whether you are just moving in or you’re already settled and just recognizing that your water has an abnormal odor, color, or taste, our professional team can assist you with confidence.

inspection well and trench with formwork. Preparation for pouring slab

Protect yourself and your family and contact us today if you have any questions about a water and well inspection for your property or home. We proudly offer service to clients in Colorado Springs.

The Dangers of Low-Quality Water

Not only does low-quality water have an unpleasant taste and smell, but it can also have a number of long-term effects on the body.

Poor water quality can result in several problems, such as:
● Neurological disorder
● Abdominal disease
● Respiratory disease
● Cancer
● Cardiovascular disease

According to the EPA Safe Drinking Water Act, there are two categories of contaminants. Primary contamination encompasses contaminants that have health-related effects. Secondary contamination includes contaminants with aesthetic effects.

Comprehensive Water Inspections For Your Home

Testing the water in your home is the only way to determine potential contaminants and/or biological compounds such as:
● Dangerous levels of bacteria, including E-Coli and Coliform
● Elevated levels of nitrates and nitrites from fertilizers that leach into groundwater
● Imbalances in PH levels
● High fluoride levels
● Mineral contaminants such as iron and arsenic
● Heavy metal contamination such as copper and lead

Professional Well Water Inspections

If you get your water from a private well, you are responsible for scheduling water testing services. Most homeowners who use well water don’t request these services until they decide to sell their property. The EPA highly recommends that well owners schedule water testing
services every year and whenever they suspect an issue. Our certified master inspector will test your well for any traces of pH, total dissolved solids, nitrates, coliform bacteria, chemicals, and any other suspected contaminants. Because well water is not regulated, activity around your water source can change rapidly and have far-reaching impacts on the overall quality.

Some of the most common sources of contamination in well water include:

● Agricultural activity and the use of pesticides and fertilizers
● Waste from animals and livestock
● Mining and industrial activity
● Household chemicals that have been improperly stored
● Nearby septic tanks or leach fields
● Natural occurrences such as floods, tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes

What is a Well Water Quality Test?

A well water quality test is used to check your water for any impurities or contamination. It provides a holistic picture into the content of everything from water bacteria and parasites to heavy metals and organic chemicals. To perform a well water quality test, a certified Pine Breeze inspector will come to your home and collect a sterile sample from your water source. They will typically collect water at the well and from your tap for comparison. This helps to better determine where any potential contamination is coming from and ensure thorough coverage.

Then, the samples of your water will be analyzed for contaminants. In many cases you can get your results within three to five days. After receiving the comprehensive report, your inspector will review it with you and help determine the best course of treatment for any issues identified. Often solutions can be as simple as a well water filtration system

Levels Testing We Offer:

Basic Water Testing

This test is designed as a fast laboratory- precision screen for lead, copper, and high PH levels.

Coliform & E.Coli Screening

This test is performed in a professionally certified laboratory and analyzes a drinking water sample for potentially harmful bacteria. This test checks for the presence of Coliform & E .Coli.

Radon Water Screening

Radon is a known carcinogen with a particular impact on internal organs and the stomach. Various US states suggest levels for radon in drinking water range from 300 to 10,000 pCi/L.

VOC Water Screening

This tests your water for 50+ volatile organic compounds (VOC's). Many of these are significant health risks and can migrate into your drinking water from a variety of sources such as chlorine disinfection, proximity to waste facilities, proximity to agricultural activity, and much more.

Schedule Your Water or Well Water Inspection in Colorado Springs and beyond!

Whether well water quality testing is required as a condition to buy your dream home or you would like to know more about what you’re drinking, it’s easy to connect with a certified Pine Breeze Inspector. Please contact us today to schedule your inspection.