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Ranches & Rural Inspections in Colorado

Large Ranch & Farm Inspections

There are some unique but important differences in mountain log home and horse ranch inspections from your typical municipal home inspections.Please contact us if you have a private well and septic system and need them inspected in addition to a general home inspection.  We will conduct all inspections in one inspection day so you’re not scheduling multiple inspection days.  This will save you time and money.

If you are in the market for a farm in the Colorado Springs area, don’t make a blind decision. Investing in farmland is a major investment, and you need to have all the facts before you sign on the dotted line. At Pine Breeze Inspections, we’re experienced in working with farmers and ranchers in their property purchasing process. Before you purchase a ranch or farm near Colorado, contact Pine Breeze Inspections. We’ve completed many farm and ranch inspections in the area, and we know what to look for.

Barn and Other Farm Structures

A farm or ranch includes a number of outbuildings and amenities. Understanding the condition and functionality of each one is important when it comes time to negotiate. Most farms come equipped with a variety of structures on the property. In addition to home
inspections, we are also trained to inspect barns, stables, and workshops. If you plan to use the barn for purposes other than housing animals, we can evaluate the structure and make recommended changes to meet your new plans. Barndominiums, for example, are becoming increasingly popular as property owners combine both living quarters and the barn in one building. If you are thinking of making these kinds of changes, we will help you think through the cost and work that will need to be completed to make the barn safe and habitable.

Barns, Stables, & Workshops

This is where the work happens, so make sure you understand the condition of each one and if it will function as you need it to.


Barndominium is a relatively new term in the real estate world. It is a building that combines both living space and barn into one building.

Well and Septic

Since a septic system is such an important component of a home, you want to know if it was maintained well and in need of any repairs. You may decide to ask the seller to make repairs, ask for a price reduction, purchase as is, or move on to another property. Either way, being forewarned is forearmed.

Barn Inspections

As a farmer, you know how important it is to have a safe residence for your livestock. We thoroughly inspect the barn for the following hazards and issues:

  • Kick damage from horses or livestock.
  • Manure piles deposited too close to the barn’s exterior.
  • Excessive dust.
  • Exposed nails, sharp edges, and splinters.
  • Non-GFCI protected lights and electrical receptacles.
  • Outdated or overloaded electrical systems.
  • Exposed electrical wires.
  • Lack of ventilation or shade in livestock pens.
  • Insufficient room at the feed rack for animals to eat.
  • Farm implements and machinery stored too near animals or in the path of people.
  • Fire hazards.

Schedule Your Ranch and Farm Inspection in Colorado Springs

Whether you’re buying a ranch, selling a ranch, or just want to know how to maintain your ranch, Pine Breeze Inspections offers a thorough ranch and farm inspection. With Pine Breeze, you can expect a competent inspection covering all the bases and never cutting
corners.  Contact Us Today!


Ranches & Rural Inspections