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Warranty Inspections in Colorado

Home Warranty Inspection in Colorado Springs and far into the Front Range

Whether you buy turnkey construction in a newly developed neighborhood or work with an architect on a custom home, new construction has an allure. You get to sweep into a pristine home, and new construction seems to come with the promise of carefree living with no worries about the issues found in older homes. Or does it?

Unfortunately, no house is perfect. Whether these are due to builder error, shoddy materials, or just the natural settling of the house, the truth is that new construction can have significant defects. Contact the certified home inspectors at Pine Breeze Inspections today to schedule your comprehensive builder warranty inspection

What Is A Home Warranty Inspection?

An 11-month warranty inspection is a full home inspection performed by a home inspector, complete with the delivery of an inspection report. This is just like the home inspection you would get on any home you buy, no matter what its age. In fact, you may have already had a home inspection before you closed on your new construction home.

Why Do You Need A Home Warranty Inspection?

The experienced team of professionals at PineBreeze Inspections have provided the following list of benefits to getting your builder warranty inspection.

  • Your new home may have already been inspected by the city or county but municipal building inspectors are usually under time restraints and are not especially detailed with their home inspection protocols. Our certified master home inspector will take the time to examine all aspects of your home and the mechanisms within it to ensure that everything is in correct working order.
  • As a new home owner you may be under the misguided impression that nothing can go wrong because your home is new. The truth is that many things can go wrong. Some of these might have been obvious during the first couple of months of occupancy. However, there are many hidden defects that the average homeowner doesn’t have the experience or knowledge to find. Statistically, most problems that occur with homes that are 5, 10 or 20 years old began when the home was new within the first year of occupancy!
  • A home inspection before you close on your home doesn’t guarantee that the systems will work at optimal performance levels after the first year of ownership. Building materials often expand and contract with weather changes and the new construction will settle. Problems may come to fruition during the first year of occupancy that were not immediately apparent when you first moved into your home.

What & Included In This Inspection?

Our certified master inspector will examine the performance of appliances, plumbing, and septic systems. They will also look for safety hazards in several areas in the home such as faulty electrical wiring or drainage problems. The following are a few specific areas that are normally included in a home inspection list:

  • Plumbing Systems – This includes faucets, laundry connections, water heaters, and exterior oses. The inspector will look to see if any dripping or leaking is occurring.
  • Electrical Work – Our inspector will want to examine panel and subpanel boxes. Breakers, fuses, most outlets and switches are also included.
  • Floors & Lighting – The inspector will look to see if there are any gaps between walls and floors, if the floors are uneven, or if nails are sticking out anywhere. They may inspect windows along each wall as well.
  • Roofs & Gutters – Our inspector will check the roof during their inspection when accessible and safe to do so. There are certain exceptions that include an extremely high or steep roof, or if weather conditions pose dangers.
  • Foundation & Drainage – This portion of the inspection would include the foundation and the drainage area around the foundation. Our inspector looks for things such as cracks or draining problems.
  • Fireplaces & Decks – If your home has any fireplaces or decks, our inspector will want to examine these areas. They’ll look for cracks, leaks, and wood that is bowing on decks.
  • Major Appliances – The inspector will check items such as ovens, ranges, microwaves, dishwashers, dryer vents, and garage door openers. Specific checks might include verifying that the oven doesn’t heat too quickly, and that the dishwasher doesn’t have any leaks.

Schedule Your Home Warranty Inspection in Colorado Springs and beyond!

Don’t put off your 11-month new home warranty inspection. Whether you’re buying a new home or updating an already-constructed home, you’ll want our experienced home inspectors to look for safety hazards and provide a home inspection report.

Please contact us today to schedule your inspection.