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Sewer Inspections in Colorado

Professional Sewer Inspections in Colorado Springs and beyond!

Your beautiful home may be hiding an expensive secret! Don’t let potential sewer problems shock you when you least expect it.  Prevent these horrible surprises by getting them checked ahead of time.  Pine Breeze Inspections is dedicated to offering the best customer service in the industry using best-in-class technology at competitive prices when it comes to sewer inspections. We will help educate you about your sewer and provide maintenance suggestions that save you time, money, and hassle. We offer a wide range of residential and commercial plumbing services, including drain camera and sewer camera inspections! Our team works hard to ensure homeowners and business owners have access to quality plumbing solutions, and that commonly starts with properly diagnosing the problem via a camera pipe and sewer inspection. For a high-quality sewer inspection, contact PineBreeze Inspections today. Our team has the experience and knowledge to give you a thorough inspection, accurate estimate, and take care of the repairs or replacement the first time.

Why Buyers Should Get Sewer Inspections

Sewer lines are an afterthought for most homeowners until there is a problem. Sewer lines can back up when you least expect it causing nasty flooding and serious damage. If the cause of the backup is a damaged sewer line a costly replacement of the sewer line can make matters worse. This is the main reason buyers should know about sewer line inspections. The most common cause of sewer line damage comes from tree roots. Tree roots seek water and since sewer pipes carry water, tree roots grow in that direction. Any void or gap in a sewer line creates an opportunity for tree roots to invade and grow into that space. As the roots grow they wedge into the gaps and over time ball up in the pipe creating an obstruction. The gaps can become large enough that the entire line can collapse.

Problems Found During A Sewer Pipe Inspection

Aside from root damage, other sewer issues can go undetected until they do a good bit of damage to your home. As you might imagine, sewer lines need just as much attention and maintenance as other parts of your home. However, we tend to overlook them because we don’t know what we don’t see.

Here are more potential issues that could be plaguing your home or business:

Low Areas (aka) Belly
This is commonly referred to as a sag, low area or belly when debris collects in the low

Offset Pipes
An offset is where two sections of pipes meet but do not line up correctly. Most of the time, point and interferes with the flow of the system. This can cause a backup or blockage in your sewer line. A belly in your sewer line was likely the result of a poor layout for the sewer, or it has been impacted by some other event like a tree root (discussed below) or shifting soil weather events. an environmental change is usually at fault for an offset pipe. Settlement in the surrounding earth or root growth can cause the two sections of piping to shift independently. Occasionally the problem is due to poor installation, but this is rare.

Grease Build Up
Because of the use of garbage disposals in modern plumbing, a build-up of grease can occur in the line. Since the oil substances are not water soluble, the grease tends to stick to the sides of the pipe. The grease can eventually lead to blockages if not cleaned out. Other materials traveling down the pipe can get caught up on these build-ups and inhibit the flow of waste.

Piping cracks in clay and cast iron lines are common to see. Pressure on the pipe can cause hairline cracks around fittings and other areas. If the crack is on the bottom side of the pipe, you may consider adding a liner to the pipe to reduce leakage of sewage into your lawn. Leaks outside of the pipe can lead to further settlement of the sewer line.

When to Schedule a Sewer and Drain Inspection

The best time to contact us to schedule a sewer inspection is ASAP if you havent done so recently and then have your sewer and sewage system inspection once per year every year thereafter. This will help you to keep your home in the best possible condition and will alert you to any possible signs of damage that require repair work before they turn into major issues for you. However, it is important to schedule an inspection if you believe that there may be something wrong with your system. For example, your toilets and drains may all be sluggish, and you may worry that you have a clog in the main sewer line. An inspection can tell you what you need to know.  

Schedule Your Sewer Inspection in Colorado Springs area and well beyond

If you have a drain that doesn’t drain, a toilet that doesn’t flush, or a back-up somewhere else in your plumbing line, consider hiring our certified master inspector for a sewer line inspection. One of the beautiful aspects of PineBreeze is that we have a very large travel area and we never charge travel fees.  Our radius of service is huge.  Whether you are in Colorado Springs or Alma, we will come to you and happily perform a sewer inspection upon reqest.  Please contact us today to schedule your inspection.